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What Fue Jobs Offers

The scope of professional services offered by FUE, BDS unit of specialized services as may be required by the Client;


The agreement covers professional services offered by FUE, the recruitment for the required positions as per the job description provided by the Client


We offer assessment assignments upon demand by the Client. The Assessments may or may not be part of the recruitment assignments carried out by us.


The services will be tailor made to suit the needs of the Clients


The services carried will include Salary Surveys and Job Evaluation


The services to be carried out will include Job Analysis, Human Resource Audits, Development of HR Manuals, Organization tools and HR Systems Development


A fee at the rate of 25% of the total employee costs will be payable. The Management fees cover the costs for obtaining the Employers Liability Insurance.

Fue Jobs

FUE is an employers’ consultative advisory organization on employment and labour matters. FUE, the Government and the Trade Unions form a tripartite forum which addresses all industrial relations and labour related issues at sectoral and national level.

Contact Us

The Federation of Uganda Employers Plot 1207 Kiwanga, Kampala-Mukono Highway P.O.BOX 3820Kampala Tel: 0414 220 201/220389, 0392 777 410/1 Fax: +256 414 286 290 Email: info@fuemployers.org Coordinator Employment Services Federation of Uganda Employers P.O.BOX 3820 Kampala Tel: 0752 262 050 Email: liane632@yahoo.com